This Saturday marks the exciting start of the FIM E-xplorer World Cup 2024, a pioneering competition that promises to bring innovation and sustainability to the world of motorcycling.

The first stop of this exciting race series is in Japan, followed by events in Norway, France, Switzerland and India, bringing together the best riders and teams from around the world to compete on thrilling circuits tailored for electric motorbikes.

One of the most anticipated teams this season is Honda Racing Corporation (HRC), which introduces a dynamic new duo to the world of electric motorbikes: The Spaniard Tosha Schareina and the Italian Francesca Nocera. Both riders will make their racing debuts on the innovative CR ELECTRIC PROTO, the new bike designed by HRC to push the limits of electric speed and efficiency.

Prior to the official start of the competition, the HRC team has been immersed in intensive testing sessions, fine-tuning details and adapting to the exciting new reality of electric motorbikes. Schareina and Nocera have spent days honing their skills and adapting to the feel of the CR ELECTRIC PROTO, ensuring they are fully prepared to take on the international competition.

This Friday there will be free practice sessions to get to know the first circuit of the World Cup which will take place in Osaka (Japan). North of Osaka, the prestigious 260-hectare park is the site of Expo ’70, a World’s Fair held in 1970.The area is now known as a cultural park embracing the natural environment filled with beautiful gardens. Parts of the Expo ‘70 still stand like the incredible Tower of the Sun, the Japanese Garden and the Japan Folk Crafts Museum.

The race will consist of 3 rounds of each rider with a duration of 8 minutes + 1 lap.
The rounds will be first for men and then for women until the 3 rounds are completed.

On the starting grid there will be a front row of seven riders and an eighth rider who will start on the second row.

Without a doubt, this is a format that attracts a lot of attention and we will see what role the strategy plays.

With the combination of talent, cutting-edge technology and the thrill of electric racing, the FIM E-xplorer World Cup promises to be a unique experience for both racing fans and those interested in the cutting edge of sustainable mobility. Stay tuned to follow the exciting journey of Team HRC and the development of this revolutionary competition.


Ruben Faria

Team Principal

"We are at the Expo commemoration park in Osaka getting ready for round 1 of this entirely new challenge, and we're all very excited to get this new season started. Tomorrow, Friday, we will start the training sessions for the day so that the riders can get familiar with the track. For the riders it will be something new but they will adapt very quickly.

"We have been training with the new bike for almost two weeks now and we have improved a lot. It's a new prototype machine which has only raced once before so we really embarking on something new.

"We are very happy to be in Japan, where the HRC brand is based. The main objective is to develop the new CR Electric Proto bike as much as possible and try to get the best possible results".

Tosha Schareina 68

"I´m super happy to be here in Japan - it's my first time and I really love this culture. I'm excited with this new project.

"Honda has done a really good job with this bike. The CR Electric Proto is really easy to ride. We have different things between an ICE bike of course but it works really well.

"The power possibilities with the electronics are incredible. We have improved the bike this week and find the best settings for this kind of race but of course is all new for us and we have much work to do ahead.

"I'm super grateful to Honda for this opportunity; it's an honour for me that they believed in me for this amazing project."

Francesca Nocera 443

"The test went really well. I'm really surprised by the bike - we found a good set up and it feels like I've been riding this bike since a long time.

"I am looking forward to racing this weekend. The feeling has been improving with every lap and I am definitely sure it will get better and better with every race and I will give my best to get the best result."

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